Breathe in clean air while hiking in mountain meadows, mountain passes and peaks. Enjoy the healing properties of the spa's mineral springs. Visit castles and palaces. Discover the fairy tales and legends of the Sudetes and the Karkonosze Mountains. In the winter, rush through the well-prepared slopes, and in the summer, head for the twisted singles. Take your children to a nearby crystal glass factory or for a family picnic. There are no good or bad ways to spend your free time here, there are only your ways.



If you love nature and activity, especially cycling, you try to live a conscious and responsible life, and your heart is close to the idea of ecology, then know that you are in the right place. Świeradów Zdrój and the Jizera Mountains are a bicycle land, and we are bike friendly, so you can count on help in planning and organizing cycling trips, renting sports equipment or transporting single track at the beginning of the route. If you have special nutritional needs, you can also count on our support in this matter.



If you love activity, movement and nature, especially exciting skiing or snowboarding, then know you've made the right choice. We are ski friendly, so you can count on help in planning and organizing your expeditions, taking you to the slope or support in choosing the right treatments for a quick regeneration after workout.

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