We believe that celebrating meals together is a unique way to spend time with loved ones. Enjoy conversations, discuss, share experiences, tell your story, set an example for children and plan your day. We will take care of the rest. We will make sure that nothing is missing on your table and that such an ordinary situation as eating a meal turns into something unusual.

Your note of mood

Holding harmony between body and mind, we have created a place where we take care of the spiritual experience of our guests.
In the cellars of the revitalized Villa Fabrykanta we have designed an intimate music club - Cotton Club, which provides ideal conditions for enjoying the taste of drinks and the atmospheric sounds of music. This bouquet of impressions makes it easy to go somewhere far with your thoughts. Music journeys with a note of mood is one of our specialties.

Your special moments

We know how intense and full of duties your life is. The world is rushing like a crazy one, and a moment of time for oneself and one's loved ones is not something obvious and achievable every day. You spend a lot of energy to meet all requirements.
In Cottonina time passes more slowly.... Stop by celebrating important family occasions and celebrations. Give us the organization of various kinds of occasional parties. We will make sure that these special moments will remain in your memory for a long time. Cottonina is a place for family meetings, building and nurturing ties and creating new, valuable memories.

Your favourite flavours

In Cottonina, flavours come straight from the heart...

You will start with a rich breakfast, at noon you can take advantage of the seasonal menu created with the use of local and European culinary treasures, and in the evening various dinner dishes will be waiting for you.


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